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Very lovely to make your acquaintance, let me introduce myself. My name is Flynn and I live in Canberra, Australia. I have a wonderful fiancé and two beautiful boys. I work in the world of international aid, and dabble on the side as a contributor for The Home Journal. This blog is going to be all things wonderful to me, reflecting my interests and the passions in my life. I have been a tragic reader of interiors magazines since an embarrassingly young age, enjoy photography, art, I’m planning a wedding, and raising my beautiful boys in a creative way. My thoughts at this very early stage (and yes they are likely to change) is that I will allocate a theme to each day. Hopefully this will prevent me from posting nothing but pictures of my beautiful boys, like these:

So, here are the themes, by day:

  • Monday: Motherhood (see what I did there? great alliteration)
  • Tuesday: Houses
  • Wednesday: Wedding (yes, I did it again. Clever trever)
  • Thursday: Miscellaneous. I’m thinking about featuring great shops, cafes, products, etc.
  • Friday: Fashion (stop it Flynn, seriously.)
  • And if I’m feeling really organised I’ll put my week in pics up on the weekend.

Now I don’t promise to abide by these completely, but I am going to try. I really really am. There is a chance that it will start out well and then sort of, well, fizzle (like the blog I started about 5 years ago on the A-Z of mid-century modern furniture. Don’t hunt for it, it’s dull and lame. I think I made it to C). So. Pleased to meet you, hope you can stick around for a while (and I provide you with enough entertaining content to make it worthwhile!


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. like the idea to give each day a theme… i tried too, but i totally didn’t stick to it !! 🙂 like your blog, and like that you are interested in so many things… at the same time.. sounds a lot like me, and i wonder what to concentrate on!

    all the best with the blog, writing, your wedding, the boys and life…

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