Reid and Wren

A spare moment….

I have a spare moment (Ari is asleep and the beautiful Ginger has taken Reid to Questacon!) so thought I’d put some thoughts down on paper screen. I have this crazy habit of getting really into something and then growing bored of it within a few months. Sometimes I just need to delve back in to remember how much I enjoy it.

A few stages I’ve been through:

  • This blog. I have updated it once since I went back to work. ’nuff said.
  • The Home Journal. It was a lifesaver when I was not at work as it kept my brain occupied (and made me remember that I actually had one).
  • Sewing. I recently got the old sewing machine out for the first time in about a year and made Reid and Ari some new pants. Or should I say I attempted to make them some new pants. Epic fail, and they ended up with new superhero capes instead. Sewing machine is now away again.
  • House hunting. Actually, this is one that I keep coming back to time and again, regardless of what position we’re in and where we live. Unfortunately this is a particularly expensive hobby…
  • Interior design. Actually, this is again one I keep coming back to. Although I did have a short respite when Reid was born, as I was obsessed with him, and then when Ari was born as I was obsessed with sleep him.
  • Being a union rep, social club member, etc. etc. Basically all forms of being an involved workplace member, I’ve been there. No longer. These days I’m working my strict 7.5 hour days and then scooting out the door to start the evening hell rush.

So that brings me around to being back at work. Yay! It’s fairly hilarious that I was dreading it so much, as I LOVE being back at work. I mean it, I L.O.V.E. it. Why the hell was I ever thinking about leaving to do something I ‘love’?? Another fad I would have grown sick of in about 20 seconds flat, I’m sure. The thing I had forgotten about was the people I work with. They are seriously amazing. I think my Department employs the best of the best, but perhaps I’m biased 😉

I have landed in the PNG Health team, with the loveliest group of people you can imagine- friendly, competent, hardworking, interesting, and best of all- all with young families who totally understand what I’m going through at the moment. I job share (hurrah for flexible working arrangements!) and my sharer and I are quite similar- both organised and interested in the work. Thank goodness for N, as she has been a wealth of knowledge and hasn’t asked me to stop talking during my many long-winded debriefs (I am talking to ADULTS, people!).

Anyway, work is interesting, and a juggle, and I find myself in the position of wanting to be there ALL. THE. TIME. I even made Nick take a day off work last week so I could go in for an extra day (2 days pw is ridiculous and not enough, bring on the au pair!).

But the boys have been lovely, Ari loves it at his other mum’s house (who he stays with while I’m at work, and I look after her daughter on Mon/Tues’), and Reid is as resilient as ever. It is a bit of a juggle though, things are definitely slipping- the house is a sty on Thurs/Fri (who am I kidding, these days it’s only ever not a sty after the boys are in bed! And even then it’s hit and miss…), I keep not having dinner planned so the boys get home tired, grumpy and starving and have to wait another 30 mins for food. And why do I keep forgetting to do the grocery shopping??? Haha, at least I haven’t forgotten a child yet (but give me time).

Anyway, maybe a few photos would be good- let’s see what I can fit in before Reid gets home (and why isn’t Ari awake yet?? It’s 4:30- if he doesn’t wake up now he won’t sleep tonight… and yet strangely enough I’m willing to take that risk. The house is silent and I sure as hell aren’t going to disturb that.).

Anyway, pics!

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