Reid and Wren

Motherhood Mondays – on Savouring the Small Moments

Ari has been clicking his tongue in his mouth lately, and making pretend kissing noises. It’s so cute and everytime he does it I tend to copy him. Far cuter in a baby than an adult, I’ve discovered. But when he does it, I look around me to share the moment with someone. Surely they will understand how darned CUTE this kid is. But usually it’s only Reid in my vicinity- and he isn’t quite as taken with the cuteness. I really must write this stuff down somewhere (hey! I am right now! Go me and my good parenting).

I was trying to remember the realllly cute thing that Reid used to do at this age (and no, it wasn’t the whole ‘putting his fingers down his throat until he made himself vomit’ thing. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was- and I don’t seem to have written it down. Aha! I just asked Nick- and luckily he has a better memory than me. Duckface! How could I forget duckface?!? He had the disturbing squished face thing going on all the time, and always received laughs (strangers weren’t even immune to the hilarity). I’m sure this reinforced the expression- so most of the pics at the time were duckfacing.

Another one I don’t ever want to forget is Reid’s pet name for Ari – ‘Little Munchkin’. Good morning Little Munchkin! Did you have any dreams?’, and if Ari’s crying: ‘it’s ok Little Munchkin, don’t be sad’. Cue giddy giggling from a certain mother.

reid and wren

Ari loves to dance and swing his feet around while holding onto the coffee table (it’s glass so he can see what’s going on with his feet underneath).

Reid loves to recite The Gruffalo from beginning to end. ‘A mouse took a stroll through a deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good…

Ari gives Reid rides on the back of his walker around the loungeroom. They both squeal with delight together.

Reid is great at reciting his numbers, but still occasionally calls 16 ‘chicken’. 14, 15, chicken, 17… Hehehehe.

Ari climbs out the hole in the flyscreen that the dog made to go outside.

Reid likes to give Ari cuddles and Ari giggles along with him. Sometimes he protests, and Reid always lets go. It’s seriously lovely to watch.

So, just a few random memories I don’t ever want to forget. Especially as I know that time is going WAY too fast (my baby is one in less than two weeks!), and soon they will want nothing to do with me, and no-one will find them cute anymore…


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2 thoughts on “Motherhood Mondays – on Savouring the Small Moments

  1. Aww. I’ll always find them cute, promise!

  2. Victoria is so far away and I’m missing all of this – thank you for the lovely posts and photos so I can feel I’m still a little bit part of their lives xxx

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