Reid and Wren

Saturday Snapshots – Last Week of Matleave!!

Yep, it was the last time I had the whole week at home to play with the boys, as well as the last day that Ari and I would spend just with each other. We were out and about a fair bit this week, but for some reason I didn’t take any pictures! Highlights were a visit to the arboretum, playdate with a lovely woman and two lovely twins, lunch with some wonderful friends and a fantastic dinner out with my mother’s group at Pulp Kitchen.

But, as this is about a week in pictures, perhaps we should get onto some… My highlight this week was a wonderful day out in the sun with Bronwyn, two boys and three dogs. Even getting locked out of the house didn’t tarnish it, as that gave us an excuse to head to Edgars for lunch!


We also had a few very wet days- where we played some great games, and cooked some great banana cake, at home.


And Reid spent the week (at least it feels like it) playing shops. Over and over again.


And of course, we got a new Prime Minister – Ari was shocked.


And a few other little things…

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