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Fashionable Friday – on 90s Fashion

I was walking through The Canberra Centre today when I noticed something in a few of the shopfronts.  The denim overalls I bought from Supre in 1997 are everywhere.  I lived in those overalls, teamed with a maroon (or occasionally dark blue) crop top underneath.  Not only are the denim overalls in fashion again, but so is maroon, dark blue, thick heels, leather, animal print, black and white stripes…. I’m surprised I didn’t see any hypercolour t-shirts anywhere! So I thought this might be the prime time to revisit some of the best (and worst) of the 90s, to see what we’re in for.

I was 8 – 18 in the 90s, so most of my fashion memories are from movies I watched (during sleepovers with my bestie- shout out to no sleep sleepovers Lauren! Although she used to make me watch scary films, and I’m not going to include any of those in this post).

First and foremost, and by FAR the most influential movie for our teenage fashions was CLUELESS!


And for the inner goth in us all (I think I spent about a year wearing nothing but black, with large silver pendants hanging around my neck), I blame THE CRAFT.


BEVERLY HILLS 90210. Preppy teens all looked to Brenda for all our fashion needs. She was the ‘good’ girl, the perfect role model for us all (ha!). Actually, on second thoughts I think it was Jenny Garth’s character who was the good girl. Hmmm… my memory is failing me once again.



And here are a few pics that just spoke to me.

yin yan

Yin Yan and one of those plastic necklaces scream 90s teenager to me.

no doubt

My Year 11 formal hairstyle is pretty much this. With pipe cleaners sticking out of it. Seriously.


Grunge look. This is my later teen years. Hanging out in the ‘Crusty Quad’.

friends 1

We all had ‘The Rachel’ haircut. Lauren and Kylie receive honourable mentions for this one. And Kate for ‘that cut’ where her hair became the size of the moon (and we all loved her for it).

flower dress

Flower dresses with a velvet hat with a big flower on it. Think Blossom. Love.


So, to be ahead of the fashion, I recommend heading out and buying an aline denim skirt with buttons down the front, over-the-knee socks, velvet dresses, thick headbands, small flower clips for your hair and a velvet band for around your neck. Oh, and borrow Clueless on a video tape. It really is awesome. Be kind, rewind.

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One thought on “Fashionable Friday – on 90s Fashion

  1. kinamaste on said:

    Thanks for reminding of that haircut… “The lightbulb” as I like to remember it. And also, I so nearly bought a red velour dress like one I used to own. I refrained, but I did just buy a new yin-yang t-shirt so I guess I’m still trendy!

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