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Recreate Thursday – New Face for a Friend’s Place (part 1)

Recently my wonderful friend Heather asked me for some advice on re-styling her loungeroom. She has a house in Northern Sydney that has great bones but lacks finishing touches. Her brief is as follows:

We have a fantastic place with lovely big open plan kitchen, dining and living room, but as neither my husband nor I are at all creative it’s currently just one big boring mess with grey walls and the kids’ crap everywhere. We don’t have any art work except some photos blu-tacked up.

(Click through the slideshow for all the pictures).

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I’d like our house to have a ‘lived in’ look that is warm and welcoming, not sterile and too designer-ish. We are pretty relaxed parents (think cubbies with the couch cushions, space-ships under the dining table) and want to be able to enjoy the space as a family. I’d love to have a really big piece of art work on the wall behind the dining table- an aboriginal art work would be ideal, however realistically it’ll be a few years before we can spend the money needed to get a nice one. So short term ideas are welcome! I hate clutter but can’t seem to avoid it. Every flat surface in our place seems to attract piles of crap. Also my husband is not a fan of unnecessary cushions!

I kind of think I need the master plan of what I want and then work towards it bit at a time as we don’t have heaps of spare cash at the moment. I want to do something seriously awesome but no idea where to start. 

Heather provided me with three photographs of houses she likes the looks of, to give me an idea of her taste (click on the pics to enlarge):

So, I will try to put together a plan for the lovely Heather that is warm, interesting, makes the best use of her space and doesn’t cost too much. I will also put options in there that are perhaps more of a ‘long-term’ plan, for when a bit more money is coming in. It needs to be child-friendly, not too cluttered and not too pompous, yet seriously awesome! Stay tuned for the final reveal next week (haha, I totes sound like The Block. What a wank).

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