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Fashionable Friday- on Second Hand Clothes

Yes, this is a tad late… and pics are to come!

I have a confession. I have recently needed to buy a whole new wardrobe (due to, oh you know, the old clothes just falling off me as I walk along- something that I would rather not get used to thankyouverymuch). And boy have I embraced this necessity. Oh Nick, I need some new jeans- everyone lives in jeans, right? I need a new skirt. Oh, and a shorter skirt so I can wear it with boots through winter. I need a some new dresses (after all, I practically live in dresses. They are handy for summer OR winter- just team with leggings and boots – so practical! I think I need 5, no wait, 6). What’s the point of having all these new clothes if I have nothing to wear with them? Cue jumpers, tops, leggings, stockings, some new shoes and jackets.

Unfortunately, I am on leave without pay looking after my son, and so my income is exactly $0. So… what to do? (other than wear a paper bag around all day, which let’s face it, is not great for the poor people who have to be seen with me… oh, and that little thing called winter in Canberra.

So, I decided to try The Salvos (a second-hand store, or ‘op-shop’ as we call them in Australia. And now I have that Thrift Shop song stuck in my head- only got twenty dollars in my pocket…. and now you have it stuck in yours- ha!). Back to the point. Salvos in Fyshwick is H.E.A.V.E.N. My lovely friend Nina came along with me, and basically just distracted Ari from pulling ALL the clothes off their racks while she oohed and aahed at the appropriate moments for me. I started at the front and worked my way down to the back. I ignored the ‘max 3 items’ sign on the changerooms, and spent about an hour monopolising the space while I tried on my hundreds of options.

I came away from that shopping trip with an entire new wardrobe (and a new addiction), including a Jigsaw suit in perfect condition that fits perfectly, and only spent $60. Nice with a capital N.

The following week I took my lovely sister Hannah along to The Salvos in Mitchell. She was not as gracious as Nina and actually wanted to look for clothes for herself as well (geez, some people are so selfish), so we took turns in the waiting room (again monopolising it for hours). This time I walked away with a few good little buys (can anyone say new JAG jeans and ankle boots? Oh, you can? Well done). Hannah however came away with swathes and swathes of beautiful little dresses. So lovely.

And then my lovely friend Kylie suggested we head to Fash ‘n Treasure (a monthly market that specialises in vintage and high-end secondhand clothes). I was lucky enough to have left the boys at home so I was free to try on ALL THE CLOTHES. A pair of floral pants, a mustard short skirt and two name brand work dresses later and I was out of pocket $65.

AND THEN I DISCOVERED EBAY. This needs to be in bold to show just how momentous this occasion was. I randomly checked to see if there was anything nice in my size…. and then I realised that this is where brand name clothes come to meet their new, loving owner who will be forever grateful to have them in their lives. And I am happy to be that person.

So, for about $200 I have an amazing new wardrobe, all unique clothes that you won’t see on anyone else around town… second-hand is definitely the way to go. (Only got $20 in my pocket, this is effin awesome).

So, a few tips I have picked up along the way:

  • Don’t take children, or if you have to, take Nina or Hannah.
  • Wear a singlet under your top and leggins under your skirt, in case you need to try things on in the aisles.
  • Bargain bargain bargain. Unless you’re at a charity, then just cough up the extra 50c, tights (hehehe, I wrote something else there but my autocorrect changed it. I think I’ll leave it at tights).
  • You’ll get overwhelmed if you try and look through everything, focus on one area and do it thoroughly. Also, if in doubt, try it on. So many things look terrible on the rack and are real stunners on.
  • Go often because the stock turns over so quickly.
  • Last but not least- experiment with your wardrobe! Be a bit out there, YOLO (as those youngsters of today would say).

Oh, by the way, I return to work in two weeks. You know what that means? WORK CLOTHES!!!!!! Now, I think I need some new work pants, shoes, shirts, jacket… and…

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