Reid and Wren

Saturday Snapshots- a week of sickness and fireworks

We’ve had and up and down week, with Ari suffering from a middle ear infection, and as a result we ALL suffered. Sleep was a distant memory for a lot of the week, and there was a lot of screaming baby. But he is on the mend now, and things are looking up.


We went to my wonderful friend Kylie’s farm for the annual Queen’s Birthday fireworks, and it didn’t disappoint. The boys were both riveted by the ‘skyworks’, and Reid has been talking about them ever since. Lowlight of the evening was when a firework shot out of the fire and hit me square in the forehead, however we’re just thankful that it didn’t hit either of the boys, who were on each of my arms. But I had a good lump, and all is good now 🙂 (Excuse the photo quality- I had a babe in arms and no ability to fiddle with settings!)


We moved attempted to move Ari into the cot in Reid’s room, which was an utter fail. He is now back in the spare room for the forseeable future!


I got my domestic goddess on this week, with a bit of baking. And Reid got his domestic goddess on with some pretend make-up play. Oh, and some serious tiger action.


Another highlight for me was a trip to Fash ‘n Treasure with Kylie, followed by coffee with Lesley (sans children!). I found some great designer dresses for work, at bargain prices. That leads me into my other news of the week. We established that we won’t have any childcare for Ari anytime soon, but Nick has been granted leave to stay home with him two days p/w while I return to work. This means that I can return to work in two weeks. So, another maternity leave is up, and again it feels like it passed in a matter of weeks. Ari is a year old in a month, crazy.


And a few more random photos from our week:

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One thought on “Saturday Snapshots- a week of sickness and fireworks

  1. kinamaste on said:

    Love the one of Reid and Orio. Such good snuggle buddies!

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