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Wednesday Weddings – on Lighting

Just a quick post today as I’m distracted writing an article for The Home Journal on Mid-Century modern (I’m being liberal with the rules on ‘current trends’ so that I can write about my one true love). So I have chosen a theme that is EASY PEASY. For me, lighting is the most important component when it comes to the ambience of your wedding. Think about the wedding scene at the end of Mamamia- the candles sprinkled throughout the overhanging vine created the most memorable wedding scene I can remember. I would show you a photo, except it seems to be the only image NOT on the interwebs.

First up is fairy lights. Strung through trees, or around marquees, fairy lights twinkle in the background, and let off a lovely ambient glow (like all of the lighting options I’ll show).

Hanging lanterns are another way to add beauty and glamour to a space, and they are a cost-effective option. You can buy paper lanterns from China Town for practically nothing.

Exposed bulbs create a slightly industrial look that blends well with the natural backdrop. Team with beautiful flowers and candles.

Speaking of candles, everyone knows they give off a flattering light, and they look gorgeous to boot. Grab a few jars, stick a few tea candles or pillar candles in them and you’re set.

A few random options (including a chandelier outside!):

And last but not least, here is a DIY to make a lovely doily pendant, which I plan on having a go at!


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One thought on “Wednesday Weddings – on Lighting

  1. Great use for old doilies! And I love the look too of the tea candles set in sand in paper bags around the garden. And church candles big and small in the fireplace. 🙂

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