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Interiors Tuesday – On My Homes!

You may have noticed that this week I have been trying to personalise this baby of a blog. I had a bit of a think about the blogs I enjoy following, and they all have two things in common: beautiful photos (which I am very happy to provide!), and lots of personal stories. So, in an effort to make this blog as readable as possible, I am going to try to personalise it.

Enough housekeeping, on to the post.

I have lived in countless houses throughout my life. Seriously. Let me stop and think. 15. Ok, so they are countable. But, as I am 30, that makes it a new house every two years. As a result I’ve become fairly accustomed to re-decorating, and as the houses have evolved, so too has my style and taste. I suppose I would call it eclectic with mid-century modern undertones.

One unifying theme throughout my homes is colour. When I was in primary school I had metres and metres of pink fabric draped from my ceiling, creating different sections in my bedroom. In high school my room was painted buttercup yellow with sky blue trim (it was the 90s, and, like, totally awesome). My first apartment had a purple couch, light and airy furniture, and big red artworks on the wall.

In the great little ex-govvie house Nick and I shared with my gorgeous sister, we had large lengths of shimmery hippy blue, green and red fabrics pinned to the wall, blue pops throughout and big, cheap, art.


This house also had a lovely deck, with a huge wisteria hanging over it. We strung fairylights up throughout the deck and vine, and had hanging lanterns inside. It is still one of my favourite spaces I’ve lived in.


In the house Nick and I bought there were brilliant jarrah floorboards, and I furnished in black and red tones with green highlights. We then renovated the floorboards to a lovely pale bamboo, and painted everything a crisp white. These photos are a mix of the various stages of our townhouse. You can tell that I was moving from reds to greens to yellows.


My current place is bright and airy, and to highlight this I have some reds, greens and touches of yellow thrown in. I love it here. The sun streams in throughout the winter (something I was yearning for in our old house), and the backdrop of crisp white suit my furnishings perfectly.


So there you go, a taste of my taste. I’m sure there are more pics to come, there is plenty more house to see!

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One thought on “Interiors Tuesday – On My Homes!

  1. So glad you and family are enjoying the new abode! It looks fab.

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